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Advancing Health Equity for Good Changing Lives for the Better

We believe in a future in which every person, every family, and every community can thrive. The Ascension Foundation is helping that future arrive more quickly by collaborating with established programs that are making a difference where it is needed most and seeking out innovators who can do even more. We are driven by our commitment to the common good and a conviction that together we can remove barriers to health equity for everyone.
Meeting Today's Challenges
The Ascension Foundation is dedicated to addressing the root causes of health disparities in the United States. We invest in innovative solutions that have the promise to more quickly bring a just future for people, families and communities.
Listening and Learning
We seek to work with organizations that are embedded in communities because they know where the needs are greatest and which solutions have the most potential for success. We invest in those already working to advance health equity, providing funding and other support that will help increase and accelerate their program outcomes. We bring a commitment to listening and learning and to seeking solutions together.