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Advancing Health Equity for Good. Changing Lives for the Better.

The Ascension Foundation for Health Equity invests in positive generational change, working toward a more enduring and just future of health for all.
We believe in a future in which every person, every family, and every community can thrive
The Ascension Foundation for Health Equity is dedicated to addressing the root causes of health disparities in the United States. We invest in innovative solutions that have the promise to more quickly bring a just future for people, families and communities.
Eighty percent of health outcomes are affected by non-clinical factors,
such as quality education, safe and clean housing, and access to healthy food. Generational change requires disrupting the cycle of poverty for good and empowering families for the better.
We turn to organizations embedded in communities

because they know where the needs are greatest and which solutions are poised for success. With a commitment to listening, learning, and looking for answers together, we provide funding and support to accelerate change.

This is long-term work, and our success will be measured in decades. So, let's go.

Our Work
In discerning our focus, we identified two areas of profound and unmet need where we are positioned to fuel generational change with these initiatives: 
Supporting Postpartum Mothers

Addressing the maternal mortality crisis in the U.S. by supporting postpartum mothers so both she and her infant can thrive.

Inspiring Students to Pursue Healthcare Careers

Working to create a strong pipeline of future healthcare professionals that reflects the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of our country.

Responding to these needs requires facing longstanding inequities head-on and shifting entrenched systems, with the goal of serving this generation – and the next.